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Zero Turn
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Zero Turn Power Washing is a local family owned business established in 2015 and located in San Carlos, CA.  We serve the greater Bay Area and have served the municipalities of San Mateo and Redwood City.  We are operating as a SOLE SOURCE company of San Mateo County. 

Zero Turn Power Washing is a Professional & Licensed company that takes pride in the quality of service provided. We have patented equipment necessary to handle all jobs. You can always rest assured that your service will be handled promptly, professionally and with expertise. We are BASMAA certified; which means all of our employees have been through extensive training on how to dispose of waste water properly.


Patented Technology for improved quality

Zero Turn uses our patented drivable unit; the ZRP 4000, capable of performing 4500 psi with up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit at point of contact. This engineering sets our technology above any other power washing equipment on the market and sanitizes all exposed surfaces.

This power washer uses a surface cleaning unit, a circular metal disk that has three jets spinning simultaneously. The water in this surface cleaner is contained and ensures that all areas are cleaned equally. We provide one more pass over the area to remove gum and rinse with a new, commercial grade power washer. Using lean practices, we continually increase efficiency while improving quality.

Using the ZRP 4000 ensures a consistent level of cleanliness across all surface areas; no spots will be missed. All gum is dissolved with high heat and sucked into our vacuum.

Commited to being eco friendly

Zero Turn does not routinely use any cleaning chemicals or heavy-duty solvents. This is our backyard and we care about our environment. 

Wastewater is vacuumed and disposed of properly per BASMAA specifications. No water pools will remain after cleaning.

Proper warning signs are displayed at all cleaning locations while work is in progress.


Zero Turn's Equipment


ZRP 4000

  • Portable, mobile, self-contained, surface cleaner, containing three heads spinning simultaneously, enclosed in a circular disk.
  • 4500 psi
  • 8 gpm
  • 230 degrees F.
  • Utilize Sirocco vacuum system.
  • Clog drains and direct water flow to vacuum system
  • Use vacuum to reclaim all water pools before leaving job site

Magnum Power Washers

  • Portable, mobile, specialized wand for gum removal.
  • 4000 psi
  • 4 gpm
  • 250 degrees F.

Vacuum Port Units

In order to ensure there is no over spray, our surface cleaning units have vacuum ports.  The vacuum allows for the water to get sucked, rather than sprayed throughout.  This process also allows for a deeper clean since the surface cleaner is vacuuming dirty water, rather than pushing it away.  All dirty water is disposed of directly to the sewage system.


Zero Turn Power Washing is an eco-friendly company; we follow all BASMAA waste water recovery regulations on every project and are fully license, insured, and certified by PWNA.

Small Business Certification # 2014042
Patent # 458,016,947 B2
Insured and Bonded

Address:  28 Chilton Ave.
San Carlos, CA. 94070
Phone:  (888) 410-9910

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