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Commercial Power Washing in San Francisco Bay Area

Power Washing parking garage.

Next Level Power Washing

The Future of Power Washing

Why say next level and how is this the future of power washing you may be thinking. Zero Turn utilizes patented Power washing machines that allows one person to do the job of two, in half the time, is the answer. We are proud of our new invention, and we are proud to present it to you. With this level of ingenuity, we are able to offer a whole new vision in the power washing industry.  The ZRP 4000 is the name of the power washers that can deliver 4500 PSI at up to 300 degree temperature at point of contact. With our reclamation system we are able to collect all of the dirty water and dispose of it in the sanitary sewer. We take pride in our Eco-Friendly services. Typical power washers have long hoses that will reduce the pressure output with each yard extended. 

There is no power washing service out there equal to ours. We are operating as a SOLE SOURCE company for San Mateo County.  Our core beliefs are to offer a service that our customers can afford, and still get the best results. 

We are making sure to do our part in stopping the pollution of the bay. Staff are Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association Certified. Zero Turn is dedicated to ensure proper disposal of Waste water. We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly services. We pay close attention to our customers needs.