The future of power washing has arrived!

Zero Turn has developed a new systematic approach to the power washing industry, using our own personally designed patented technology.

Specialty Services Available and Operating during covid-19 crisis



Zero Turn has developed a new systematic approach to the power washing industry, using our own personally designed patented technology.

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Keeping Your Business Safe From Coronavirus

Zero Turn Power Washing is taking a proactive approach to combating the spread of the Coronavirus, now named COVID-19.

As governments and health agencies around the world react to contain the disease, the CDC states that steam cleaning may be an effective measure to killing the virus.

We clean outdoor and indoor areas of businesses and public gathering areas.

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Due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus,  Zero Turn Power Washing has implemented another CDC recommended sanitation method. 

First we wipe down all  surfaces with a 99.9% disinfectant, and then use a fogger to eliminate any virus or bacteria in the surrounding areas.  Please watch the video for a demonstration.

ZRP 4000

This unique power washing machine generates high temperature and pressure to remove stains, including gum and grease, from ALL HARD SURFACES EVENLY, and WITHOUT CHEMICALS.


While cleaning, the machine collects waste water in methods approved by the Bay Area Storm Management Agencies Association (BASMAA) and follows all regulations.

It’s the only machine of its kind in the industry. With this level of ingenuity, we are able to offer a whole new vision in the power washing industry!

What our customers are saying...

San Mateo Daily Journal Feature Article

Downtown San Mateo gets scrub

Zero Turn is proud of the 2018 Fall deep clean we provided for the City of San Mateo and as a result, we were featured on the front page of the San Mateo Daily Journal on November 8, 2018.

Letter of Recomendation

The County of San Mateo

"Neil was extremely professional, was very flexible with his schedule and his work was amazing. We are extremely pleased with the job Zero Turn did for us and I highly recommend them to anyone with power washing needs."

Gary Behrens
Facilities Services Manager
County of San Mateo - Dept. of Public Works

Success story


"With their patented high-temperature power washing machines, Zero Turn provides a quick, reliable and quality service. The company specializes in parking lots, commercial buildings, streets, and sidewalk cleaning throughout San Francisco and the greater Bay Area."


We pride ourselves in our eco-friendly services, while paying close attention to customer needs.


Zero Turn Power Washing is an eco-friendly company; we follow all BASMAA waste water recovery regulations on every project and are fully license, insured, and certified by PWNA.

Small Business Certification # 2014042
Patent # 458,016,947 B2
Insured and Bonded

Address:  28 Chilton Ave.
San Carlos, CA. 94070
Phone:  (888) 410-9910

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